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Visiting Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and The Devil’s Pool

“Welcome to Zimbabwe.” I laughed at the expense spared on the sign at the border crossing near Botswana’s north western most corner after a long day of riding.  I was almost to the halfway point of my motorcycle tour of Southern Africa and about to experience swimming in the Devil’s Pool, on the edge of Victoria Falls. 

The following day I crossed into Zambia and the Livingstone Hotel, departure point to the famous Devil’s Pool. Up next: a short boat ride, a hike, a swim, and a brave leap to the edge of the waterfall to swim in the aptly named pool at the cliff’s edge, where water spills over and around you before it descends the 100 meter to the rocks below.

Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, may not be the tallest falls but arguably are one of the widest and most spectacular.  There are two ways I recommend visiting, either at the water levels highest point following the monsoon season or during the lowest level before the rains where you can swim on the edge of the magnificent falls.

The views are best as seen from Zimbabwe, as the Zambezi river is a defining border feature with it’s neighboring country Zambia. One country has the views and the other country has the rights. If you want the real experience I suggest pay your visa fees and walk across the bridge to whatever country you aren’t staying in to see the complete picture.

This blog entry is a teaser. For a more thorough travel report on visiting the Devil’s Pool or Zimbabwe’s Adrenalin Park please follow the links below.

Have you dipped in the Devil's Pool? Share your experience below in the comment section!

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