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Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba

Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba was the perfect way to cool off and relax on the last day of my exploration of Jordan.  Yesterday I was in Wadi Rum, four wheeling through the sand dunes and rock formations of it’s lunar landscape, famous for more than just the exploits of Lawrence of Arabia during Revolts.

Today I was napping on the upper deck of the dive boat, enjoying some sun between diving coral reefs off the coast of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Aqaba Jordan

The county of Jordan is land locked on all sides except for this short sixteen mile section of coastal access, providing this country it’s industrial shipping port and a retreat for it’s nation’s population to swim.  One thing that surprised me was the incredibly western attitude of the city of Aqaba, where a diverse nightlife is present and enjoyed by the Jordanians and international visitors alike.

The city of Aqaba itself is picturesque, staunch white building on royal blue water with a dramatic mountain backdrop.

Aqaba is walking distance from Israel , can be reached by ferry from Egypt or flown into from many major cities around the world and is a great place to start or finish your trip to the country of Jordan. From many of the dive locations in the bay you can see four countries on two continents while enjoying the calm blue water off the Red Sea.

Aqaba Tourism

This day, with winds clouding the visibility of deeper dive sites we hung near the shore on the South Coast where the water was calm and the beaches active. This is part of Jordan’s Aqaba Marine Park, a protected area to save the biodiversity of fish, sponges, and coral found in this area. 

If you don’t have the chance for a half-day snorkel or dive trip look into one of the dozen glass bottom boat operators to get your chance to see what is hiding just under the surface of this desert oasis.

Diving AqabaJordan is an amazing country that is centuries old in rich architecture and history, if you are hesitant to visit the region I encourage you to reconsider.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without Marcello Arrambide (the Wandering Trader) and the Jordanian tourism board for hosting a once in a lifetime trip to the Middle East where I learned a true nomadic skillset, day trading stocks, thanks to The Day Trading Academy

Been to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? Is it on your list of travel destinations? Leave a comment below!

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