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Knife Jugglers of Medellin

Lack of jobs in Medellin has forced some individuals to create interesting opportunities for themselves to earn spare change on the streets of this cosmopolitan city in Colombia. Some of the common outlets for those unable to find employment are fruit carts, selling crafts or goods on the street, charging for a minute of cell phone use, or waving cars down with red rags to show available parking spots or help them back out into traffic for a tip.

Medellin is by far one of the safest cities I have visited in South America.  I personally have never felt threatened the several times I have stayed there as a target of criminal opportunity. Maybe it’s because more people think outside the box on how to generate an income on their own rather than taking from others like I have experienced in areas like this around the world.

What did you think of the video?  What are some of the more uniques experiences you have had internationally?  Leave a comment below

Street performances occur frequently at crowded intersections where you can view magic tricks, gymnastic demonstrations, colorful dancers, and jugglers of just about anything imaginable.  This group of kids really raised the bar by not having one or two jugglers but three stacked on top of each other!

I watched this act a few times that day, impressed by their ingenuity and teamwork to earn spending money.  After the show the jugglers dismount and walk up and down the cars at the light looking for donations.

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