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Modern Marvel: The Japanese Toilet

If traveling in Japan one thing you must observe is the high-tech Japanese toilet. What’s makes the toilets in Japan so special?  Oh not much, unless you consider the fact that their built in pressure washer can polish your backside with pinpoint accuracy. 

Seriously, these toilets (called washlets in Japan) are the Ferrari’s of commodes with more bells and whistles that you could imagine. 

Japanese Toilet

For starters, the control panel on these machines are akin to a fighter jet’s cockpit.  Some of the systems may even greet you upon arrival (not kidding)! Don’t want to touch the lid?  Hit the automatic lift button. Is the seat cold? Turn on the seat warmer. 

Japanese Toilet Controls

Want a gentle spray? No? Want a pulsating burst of h2o? You do!? Well then adjust the pressure, turn up the temperature so not to startle you and give it the command to fire! Some even have a built in dryer system to make sure there are no stray droplets.

Japanese toilets could very well be one of the great inventions that the rest of the globe has failed to capitalize on.  Although I discourage its use as a drinking fountain, with a spray measured at 6 feet in one hotel room, they very well could be used as a fire suppression system. My guess is these were designed to cut back on the amount of waste in the form of toilet paper to be pushed through aging pipe systems. 

high tech toilet

Look for the indicators on the stalls on what treasure is hidden behind the entrance.  Often there are three styles in the airport or public spaces, like the classic game show let’s make a deal, if you choose the wrong one you could end up with this. 

onventional Japanese Toilet

All the joys of camping brought indoors. 

Have you been to Japan?  Experienced the space age toilets and have a funny experience?  Leave a comment below!

1 Comment

  1. For visitors to Tokyo I believe you can buy bidet seats at duty-free shops all over the city and get your refund on the spot. They’re also surprisingly quite compact to carry in your luggage.

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