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Best Place to Drink Beer in South Korea

Best Place to Drink Beer in South Korea

While there are many places to grab a beer in South Korea only the Bier Garten offers a continuously ice cold beer. A good place for happy hour or a pre-drink before heading out to explore some Korean karaoke bars make sure Bier Garten is on your evening’s agenda. I usually refrain from ordering a 30 oz beer as the thought of finishing a luke warm beverage doesn’t appeal to me but here the last sip is colder than the first!

Best Beer in Korea

Fried chicken and beer?  Why not.  Not exactly the German inspired menu I expected heading through the door, but this is Korea and after several trips to the country somethings are just “not quite right.”  While the menu isn’t stellar at this chain of restaurants found in South Korea the beer is decent and the best part is that it will remain continuously cold for as long as you nurse it.

They offer their beer up in a quirky shaped glass with a bulbous bottom, which sits nicely in the tables built in drink chiller.

Garten Bier

Adjusting the temperature can produce a frosty mug in a matter of minutes and with the summer temps and humidity they go down pretty smooth and fast.  While I make no claim this is the best beer in South Korea it certainly is the coldest I have found!

Garten Bier Korea

If you are looking for a more traditional Korean drink be sure to sample OB or Hite, which is comparable to popular beers manufactured in America such as Coors or Budweiser and their variations.  Soju is also a staple of nightlife cocktails and can be ordered chilled in a mug or by the kettle in almost any flavor imaginable, think your favorite Kool-Aid as a kid and hide some potent alcohol in it.

You won’t see many South Koreans with the foreign appetite for binge drinking so if you’re sitting down in a group situation a kettle is a good choice as it is served with several small glasses for sipping.

Korean Alcohol

Famous last words…beware of the man that doesn’t drink. Unless, of course, that person is in charge of babysitting you in the event you run across a batch of unregulated Soju.  A rice liquor that is the most popular drink in Korea can vary between 10 – 40% alcohol by volume as you’re never quite sure where it came from, often poured out of a beat up plastic bottle without a label.

Always reconsider the last round before heading home, as that might be the one the one that takes you from hero to zero by the time you hit the door. Many thanks extended to those who have babysat me after this occurrence on multiple occasions.

People Who Don't Drink

Have any stories from South Korea or experiences with Soju?  Feel free to share them below!

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