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Test Flight on a Mac Para Eden 5

There are few “best all around” wings but the Mac Para Eden 5 26m I purchased is seems to be equally at home mountain flying, soaring ridgelines, or chauffeuring me around while powered paragliding. Performance enhancements on this wing have created a super stable glider that inflates easily and holds altitude with an astonishing 9.7 to 1 glide ratio!

All it took was one test flight on the new Mac Para Eden 5 for me to place an ad on the local PPG forum to part ways with my beloved Eden 4.

MacPara Eden 5 Review

Certified as an intermediate EN B glider this streamlined high aspect wing incorporated leading edge rods for this year’s model making kiting before takeoff dream, a quick tug on the unsheathed ultra light riser lines snaps the wing overhead. If you have any headwind at all you will find it takes more work to convince this wing to come down rather than to keep it up.

Recovery characteristics are also impressive, while the manufacturer can provide the official results of ratings test, I have experienced few collapses while flying very active air and the re-inflations were almost spontaneous. With 52 cells and external ribs on the trailing end the glider pressurizes well and holds smooth flat turns while flying.

Releasing the trimmers on my paramotor model I really got a feeling for the responsiveness for the wing as I climbed up before starting a tight spiral dive, generating momentum before gently bleeding off the energy I developed with soft inputs to control the surge.

You will also find the speed bar set up very useable on this wing, it has a top speed potential of over 50 kph!

MacPara Eden 5

Using the preconfigured lengths on the brakes I had to adjust my free flight torpedo position, as it does not take much pressure at all to tuck the trailing edge. Other than sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride being light on the brakes is the best advice is can give a new owner of the Mac Para Eden 5. 

For your first flight at your local LZ adjust your approach as you may need longer than you are used to when trying to get back down to earth, the glide ratio provided by this wing is hard to sink.

Thought about getting into powered paragliding?  Want to know more or need an instructor?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

1 Comment

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