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Quite simply to share the potential we all have!  Encouraged by friends to start documenting some of my exploits this blog aims to show you how to go about making small realizations you have come to fruition as anything and everything is possible.  Many of my pursuits have been inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things, those who have kept their childhood curiosity and overcame their fear of failure to attempt their version of happiness. The digital age has ushered in a new platform for us to find and give advice, generate new ideas, and experience another place or culture through the eyes of those there before us.  

The idea of sharing my insights, joys and fears of travel, day trading, flying, riding, or whatever else I attempt was silly to me at first; but people sharing their experiences after all is what inspired me to get out, to do something worthwhile and I hope to give that back. 

Tyler Honcho Petra

Travel Blog

See, Explore, And Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Like to have one of a kind adventures? Not sure where to plan your next adventure?  Inspired to travel but controlled by fear? Check out my collection of travel stories, videos, and picture essays to see that the world is within reach and you should see it yourself, today!

Traveling today couldn't be easier: cheap flights, digital reservations, unlimited guides, and a social network to ensure you can not only share your experiences with friends but make new ones in the process.  Some of the best travel or destination advice is given by those you meet along the way and you will see in my blog that often the most remarkable places are not those in the guide but discovered by accident or the helpful advice of someone who has experienced it themselves. 

Where would I recommend you visit? What are the must-do activities in this or that country? Is it safe to travel alone?  What do you need to bring? For the answers to these questions and more follow the link below to my travel blog. 

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Motorcycle Travel Blog

Street And Adventure Motorcycles Advice, Photo, And Travel Galleries

Tips, tricks, and tools to help you plan your next ride as well as videos and recaps of some of my favorite roads worldwide.  Travel is great but to travel by bike is grand. Life is better on two wheels, follow the link below to see why.

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Tropic of Capricorn

Paragliding Colorado

Winged Sports Blog

My Adventures In Learning Speed Flying, Paramotoring, And Paragliding.

Flying has been one of my greatest pursuits and the most fulfilling Why?  Because we aren't supposed to be doing it! Learn how to fly along with me as I expand into different winged sports as well as read reviews of flying locations and products that make it possible.

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Day Trading Blog

From Contest Hopeful To Finding Profitability And Freedom Through Day Trading

Day Trading Stocks for a living?  Isn't that risky?  This is one of the more safer adventures I have started, even a caveman like me can find profitability enough to travel the world. There is no "easy" button to trading but with discipline and patience anyone can learn to be financially independent. For trading tips, strategies, psychology, or to learn from my mistakes be sure to check out the day trading blog.

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Day Trading Profitability

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