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Who Is Tyler Honcho?

Who Is Tyler Honcho?


Tyler, a.k.a "Honcho" is another lost soul trying to see and experience as much of life as possible. Raised on a buffalo ranch in California, I was lucky as a kid to be able to pursue my interests in the outdoors, motorcycles, and anything else to keep me entertained in the tumbleweed of a town we lived in.  I have had several careers, including that of a military sniper and advanced tactics instructor for specialized S.W.A.T teams, but none of them were as fulfilling as a day out on the motorcycle was.  Feeling my priorities were not in order with a full time career and part time life I left my job in 2013 for a chance to make it work as a digital nomad. 

Soldier Memorial Sturgis

Why do we resign to a life of contempt when we strive to do things such as traveling, taking risks, and enjoying the moment? 

Don't live vicariously through someone else, live life the way you want to live it, and if nothing else comes of this blog than helping you take that first step to get out, see, explore, or get a rush of adrenaline then it is all worthwhile. 

"The only thing holding you back in life is fear and common sense"

Tyler Honcho

Honcho in Wadi Rum

This blog is a reflection of the places I have been fortunate to visit, the people I have met, and the experiences along the way.  The idea of sharing my insights, joys and fears of travel, day trading, flying, riding, or whatever else I attempt was silly to me at first; but people sharing their experiences after all is what inspired me to get out, to do something worthwhile and I hope to give that back. 

While many people participate in winged sports, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, and adventure travel there are many more who wish to learn.  I am no different than most in that we all have had to start somewhere and it was that curiosity which has taken me all over the globe in search of something new to see and try.  I have learned more from people I met at gas stations and restaurants while traveling about life than I did while completing my master's degree.

Tyler Honcho

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