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So you want to know a bit more?  Where do you want to start?

Tyler Honcho

Tyler, a.k.a "Honcho" is a travel blogger, adventurer seeker, and in general a maker of poor decisions.  My daily mantra is "The only thing holding you back in life is fear and common sense..." and it is my inspiration to get you outside to explore the world, take chances, and venture outside societies norm.

After giving up on the corporate world, where all too often we become good at everything but what makes us happy, I am making up on lost time focusing on the simple things in life. This hedonistic approach to living life has led to the opportunity to share my experiences by publishing them here. 

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Who is Tyler Honcho

The Monastery Petra


What is so "Extreme?"  To be honest, the name was given to me by a friend who encouraged me to share my travel stories, photos, and general misadventures with the all of you.  While I consider myself an amateur at best it is us, the little guys, who can motivate others to get up off the couch and experience life. 

Many people participate in winged sports, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, and adventure travel, I am no different. To find out more on my travels, hobbies, and things that keep me moving forward follow the link below.

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Public Relations / Exposure / Gear Reviews

Through out the years I have been to some incredible places and often it was because I had the right equipment or people behind me.  If you would like to be one of those people, product suppliers, or a room for the night let me know!  

I plan on increasing the currently limited exposure of opportunities available for adventure travel and the equipment that helps ordinary people do something extraordinary during their lifetime.

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Super Enduro


  1. Bad ass website

  2. Hey Tyler,

    Your contact page isn’t working at the moment, but I have a great opportunity for you, and would love it if you could reach out to my e-mail!


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